If you would like to contribute to this website's code, please adhere to the following code style guidelines.

  • Please try to keep lines at a maximum of 78 characters.
  • Favor clarity over brevity in naming anything.
  • Pages end with .html.haml, .html.erb, .html.md, etc.
  • Partials and layouts end with .haml, .md, .erb, etc.


For the most part, we use Haml and Markdown for writing markup. If you need to use regular HTML anywhere, write HTML5, but favor a strict XHTML style:

  • Use well-formed markup; elements are nested properly and do not overlap.
  • Write elements and attributes in lowercase.
  • Quote all attributes.
  • Self-close empty elements with a space before the trailing slash: (<br />)


This website uses Sass (duh) in the newer SCSS syntax. We also use the following extensions:

Make sure you're using the mixins and such that they have to offer before rewriting something, unless you can justify otherwise.

  • Use hyphenated class names (no camelCase or snake_case).
  • For naming, use the general-to-specific approach. See this article for more details.
  • Avoid nesting too deep.
  • Write comma-delimited selectors on separate lines.